CWP 200 4x or 6x Coil
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CWP 200 4x or 6x Coil

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  • Manufacturer: Lindr
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CWP 200 6x Coil     ONLY 2 Left
•    The CWP 200 Under counter Water Cooler stands out from conventional water coolers not only because of its design and processing quality, but because of the completely innovative arrangement of the cooling unit, high performance, light weight, small dimensions and simple design. Construction of the CWP 200 is a complete innovation in this category of beverage coolers. This machine has a pump with a displacement of 30 Ft. 
•    This machine has a continuous cooling performance of 53 Gallon/h.
•    The modern compressor cooling unit uses the power input for direct transfer to chilling, which guarantees minimum energy usage.
•    LINDR cooling technology is 45% more efficient than its power input.
•    High-quality and evenly cooled beverage runs without any temperature shock in a sufficiently long stainless steel coil . High quality chilled beverages will be ready within 8-10 minutes after the cooler has been switched on and its temperature can be controlled instantly and continuously by using the temperature controller. Adjustable temperature control with 7 different settings. 38F-50F.
•    The CWP 200 is equipped with an accompanying submersible pump to secure perfect cooling of the beverage right up to the tap.
•    Modern arrangement of the cooling technology guarantees simple operation and reduces the time demanded for maintenance and servicing.
•    The materials used meet the highest requirements for hygiene standards and guarantee a long working life of this cooler.
•    Dimensions  W 13" L 17”  H 30 ¾”
•    Weight  82 lb.

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