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PYGMY 25                                                                                                    Without Air Compressor
•    The PYGMY 25 beer cooler is designed for professional cooling and dispensing of excellent chilled beer for domestic use, garden parties or smaller events.
•    This cooler has a continuous cooling performance of  5.3-6.6 Gallon/h max 8 Gallon/h.
•    The modern compressor cooling unit uses the power input for direct transfer to chilling, which guarantees minimum energy usage.
•    Excellent chilled beer will be ready in the thermal block within 2-4 minutes after the cooler has been switched on.
•    The PYGMY 25 has a directly cooled tap.
•    LINDR cooling technology is 45% more efficient than its power input.
•    All external construction is made from stainless steel to give a more clean and aesthetic look.
•    The materials used meet the highest requirements for hygiene standards and guarantee a long working life of this cooler.
•    This machine comes with a stainless steel drip tray and an adjustable temperature control with  7 different settings. 38F-50F
•    A grab handle on top of the machine enables the machine to be carried and moved with ease.
•    PYGMY coolers have been recognized by experts as the beer coolers up to 8 Gallon/h. with the best ratio of price/ performance/ quality/ dimension.
•    Dimensions  W 6 ½” L 11” H 14 ½”
•    Weight 31 lb.


Each order package includes:
Chrome Beer dispensing tap (models with 2 (3) taps contain 2 (3) pieces of beer dispensing taps)
Drip tray
Service key for the taps
Beverage tube(s) 4' long
Air tube 4' long (only models with air compressor)
Plastic fitting(s)

*Couplers sold separately
 * Additional footage of tubing extra charge

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