Taprite CO2 Regulator, Dual Gauge
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Taprite CO2 Regulator, Dual Gauge

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  • Item #: REG 1002
  • Manufacturer: Taprite
  • Condition: New
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Taprite CO2 Regulator, Dual Gauge The Taprite CO2 regulator: top-shelf dual-gauge regulation from the biggest name in beverage delivery. Robust design delivers performance and reliability. Built to last, durable, and loaded with professional features, and made in the U.S.A. Taprite CO2 Dual Gauge Regulator Features Solid brass body with extra long nipple Large, easy-adjust locking polycarbonate bonnet – super durable and user-friendly High volumetric flow for continuity in product dispensing Permanent quad-ring seal on inlet; no need for new fiber washers every tank change Built-in 10 micron filter to keep contaminants out Ball-type check valve to prevent back flow into regulator and tank Approved for use by all major beer distributors and breweries Regulator Specifications 0-60 PSI line pressure gauge 0-2000 PSI tank pressure gauge 1/4″ MFL inlet MFL outlet with attached 5/16″ barb (included) and duck-bill shutoff Built-in pressure safety system – burst at 55 to 60 PSI

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