WLC Beverage System Liquid Cleaner
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WLC Beverage System Liquid Cleaner

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WLC Beverage System Cleaner Line cleaners formulated for draft wine won't find and remove the tannins or potassium tartrate found in wine. WLC is a special blend of chemicals and surfactants that target and remove wine molds, yeast, tannins, residues, and tartrate deposits. Use regularly to keep the bouquet, clarity, color, and taste true in kegs of wine. Also great for cleaning vats, bottles and small parts used in making wine and mead. For a color rinse indicator, use with our allKlear tablets. For draft wine systems Economical concentrate - only 1 oz per gallon of water. Cleans lines, vats, bottles, faucets, parts, and more. Works with all electrical, mechanical and hand driven cleaning units No hazardous shipping charges!

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